Brian Matthew Gall
[ Address: 627 W Cully Drive, Orange, CA 92865 ]
[ Cell Phone: (714) 719-4358   Email: ]
Backstage Theatrical: Lighting, Sound, Laser, Carpentry, Electrical, Purchasing, Clerical, Pyrotechnics
Scripting and Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Pangolin Laser Sysems
Other: Multi-Tasking, Trouble Shooting, Problem Solving, Adaptive, Quick Learning, Team and Individual Worker, Building and Repairing Computer Systems
Oct. 2001 - PresentDisneyland Resort
 Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
 Tech Services - Stage Technician /
Walt Disney Imaginering - Lighting Assistant
  • Working as a team player or individually to accomplish tasks set forth by the company prior, during, and after a show or event.
  • Setup, strike and position as A2 or Audio technician for performances for daily show or special events.
  • Design, hang, focus, and operation of lighting equipment including moving lights and follow spots.
  • Interacting with guest to provide them with requested information.
  • Maintaining lighting, audio, automation, props, and urgent repairs to show equipment during run of shows.
  • Design, build and maintain the show control and video computer systems for Fantasmic (v1)
  • Video GFM for Fantasmic (v1) maintaining the show projectors and CCTV camera system.
  • Programming and maintenance of the Laser systems for Fantasmic (v1) and Electronica.
  • Pulling, cheking out and checking back in equipment for rental from the Tech Services Warehouse.
  • Master Electrician for the Haunted Mansion Holiday layover.
  • Fabrication of special effect, props, and specializing hardware for unique issues for WDI (Walt Disney Imaginering) Special Effects Department, including carpentry, brazing, modding, and design drawings using SketchUp.
  • Lighting reviews, documentation updating, and project based tasks of attractions within Disneyland Resort and Disney's California Adventure for WDI (Walt Disney Imaginering) Lighting Department.
Sept. 1994 - 2010Garden Grove Unified School District
 Don Wash Memorial Auditorium
 Pro Crew / Backstage Technician / Purchasing / Assistant Technical Coordinator
  • Working as a team player or individually to accomplish tasks set forth for each incoming show.
  • Mixing audio for performances from back of house or backstage.
  • Design, hang, focus, and operation of lighting equipment.
  • Construction and painting of set scenery for plays and musicals.
  • Safely install rigging equipment for special circumstances.
  • Interacting with clients to provide the requested support they need in an efficient time and safe manner.
  • Gather Information and complete purchase order request for new equipment or replacement parts.
  • Maintaining the equipment and building, to entire loss of property or show.
  • Edit and maintain the Maintenance and Operations Department website.
July 2001 - Sept. 2004Independant Work
 Pyro Digital and other show operators
 Pyro Technician - Working under licensed show operator
  • Driving, unloading and load of equipment trucks for the use of the pyrotechnics shows.
  • Setup and construction of pyrotechnic launch equipment.
  • Giving instructions and/or directions to help ensure proper and safe events.
  • Sorting, distribution, loading and alterations of high explosives in a safe and cautious manner.
  • Firing of pyrotechnic material in a variety of areas and situations to a choreographed show.
Aug. 2000 - Aug. 2001Media Enterprises
 Media Marketing
  • Planning for the layout, design, and creation of banners ads, web sites, and printed materials.
  • Hard coding web sites from pre-planned designs and layouts, that works properly cross browser and cross platform.
  • Discussing with clients to get feedback about the progress and further development of the current project.
  • Image and photo processing using Adobe Photoshop
  • Image creation using Adobe Illustrator
  • Repairing or adding to clients pre-existing web sites.
July 1998 - May 2000Alar Staffing Corp.
[ Letter of Recommendation ]Oakley
 Warranty Technician
  • Data entry, inspection, and repair products for consumer and retail accounts.
  • Specifically trained on all products that were currently manufactured.
  • Solving computer related problems within the department.
  • Work with other department to start a new defect processing system.
  • Helped quality control with testing and theories on products.
  • Training existing technician's better ways of working.
  • Trained and requested to substitute in other areas when needed.
  • Basic knowledge of Aristo and the SAP software.
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  • Joe Peters -  Mobile: (714) 267-6391  Work: (714) 781-0133